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This could be because they have not practiced for a long time so better beware of that before it is too late. You would not want to deal with someone you have yet to come across with in your life since you are dealing with your house. This is going to be something that’s going to be your home for you and the rest of your family for a long time so better take seriously everything that is taken into consideration. Some people believe they all have to look the same but it would really depend on the owner of course.

He can adjust some things as he sees fit for his family. For example, he can take out the chimney and put something else in there. If he wants to pattern it after some house he saw in the other side of the neighborhood then that is fine as well. The important thing is he likes the house he is living in since he shed some blood, sweat and tears in order to build it. It is definitely not easy to save money to build an awesome house to live in.